Club Velocity was born in Reading,Berkshire March 2003.Inspired by London nights such as Death Disco and Club Fandango .¬†Brought that sort of idea to Reading. New exciting bands, with a DIY attitude. Demand in the impossible. Get on with it, let the man come to you. Started out as once a month and currently four times (ish) times a month in Reading. We have helped and brought the likes of THE AMAZONS,MATT MALTESE,SUNDARA KARMA,BLOC PARTY,GLASVEGAS,THE RIFLES,ELLE MILANO,HELP SHE CANT SWIM,PETE AND THE PIRATES,SIX NATION STATE,THE SHITTY LIMITS,INME,LOSERS,MIDIMIDIS,BEN MARWOOD,SIXTY WATT BAYONETS, and dozens of others. Whilst others claim industry will turn up, they have to our shows in the past, at least three of the most powerful chaps in A&R; a wealth of music managers (who look after Radiohead,Libertines et al) Is that important? Probably not…Club Velocity is punk in attitude.No time for fakes or fools. Or bands who are idiots.Always boys. Its fun and when it works is magic and rocknroll should all be about magic.We are pro punter; influenced by going to rubbish gigs run by idiots.